My Story, Your Story

Usually the publication materials of Sahabat Anak are using pictures taken by volunteers and documentation team. The approach is changed this year. Instead, we will let the children to tell their own story from the pictures they take.

“My Story, Your Story” photo project is Sahabat Anak’s pilot programme as part of 2016 calendar preparation process, by increasing the children’s role as their own subject and object. The first phase of this project was done on August 8th by conducting a photography workshop for the children. Technical briefing was shared by Kak Sri Sadono, Sahabat Anak’s PR team member in the Media section, to the children from various tutorial centers in Jakarta.

Kak Dono opened the workshop by sharing that storytelling can be done in several ways, one of them is through pictures. Why should the children tell the stories themselves? So that the stories can represent their personal experience better. Examples of photo object/ theme that can be taken are best friends, parents, their house, playground, their volunteers, class and schoolmates, also people who inspire them.


Q&A Session

The children also given tips on how to take good pictures, such as making sure photos taken have sharp focus and taken from nearby. To get good lighting, Kak Dono suggested taking photos in the morning or day when there is still sunlight. If indoor pictures are needed, make sure they are taken near door or window. For better story do not forget to take picture of the object with surrounding area. Some of Kak Dono’s pictures were shown in this workshop as sample for the children.

After the Q&A session, these twelve children were lent cameras for two weeks. After they submit the pictures, we will go on with the next phase of this project, which is selecting their submissions.

Workshop Fotografi_1

Participants of “My Story, Your Story” Photography Workshop

Happy photo hunting!

(Sri Sadono & Gracia Balthazar)

About Sahabat Anak

Sahabat Anak is a non-profit organisation that provides quality education and children’s rights advocacy in an effort to encourage and inspire Jakarta’s street children to escape urban poverty. The movement began in 1997 after a group of university students made a commitment to make a difference in the lives of Indonesia's street children. As a volunteer-based organisation, Sahabat Anak aims to involve as many members of the community as possible to help improve the lives of street children.

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