Road to Bromo Marathon 2016!


On Saturday, August 20th, Sahabat Anak joined Bromo Marathon 2016‘s runner briefing held by Indokasih in Gandaria 8, South Jakarta. Along with Sahabat Anak were also representatives from three other organizations: Yayasan Pemimpin Anak Bangsa (YPAB), Care4Kids Indonesia and Wahana Visi Indonesia. The purpose of this gathering is to introduce runners/fundraisers with the organizations they represent in Bromo Marathon later on September 4th, so they can understand more deeply the background of the fundraising.


Indokasih has run digital charity/fundraising for two years now. They are not doing their own fundraising conventionally, but joining events held by others. 2016 will be the first year Indokasih officially collaborate with Bromo Marathon event organizer, although in previous years they have participated in races like Bali and Jakarta Marathon, as well as NusantaRun. How is the fundraising done? Runners, through Indokasih website, announce their donation target and the race/event they join. The amount of funds collected can continue to be monitored online. The bottom line is, they do all the running and sweating, with prior rigorous training for months, taking care and paying for their own transport and accommodation and all we have to do is click to donate. 🙂

Previous Run

Why these 4 organizations in this fundraising event? The main reason is these four are concerned and engaged in education.

  • Yayasan Pemimpin Anak Bangsa is a free education foundation in Bintaro for the drop-out children from their school with fostering program. Runners who raise donations for YPAB wish for children graduated from Kejar Paket C (non-formal education equal to high school level) to be able to continue to higher education level.
  • Care4Kids Indonesia runs a School Development Program to assist on school’s recovery by focusing on teacher’s quality, also school’s infrastructure and facilities. Runners who represent them will help Teruna Persada High School that most of its students are high achievers in sports but lacking in education.
  • Wahana Visi Indonesia through their runners are raising donations to build an early education center in Samalantan village, Kalimantan Barat.
  • Sahabat Anak, in line with our program this year, Gizi Untuk Prestasi (Nutrition for Achievement), will use the donation to increase awareness on child nutrition. Right after Bromo Marathon, the volunteers/runners will take part in SA roadshow in Malang to distribute lunch boxes and drinking bottles for children there and join other activities in the event that involve the parents.

 Below are links to Sahabat Anak runners, please check and share their profile:

  1. Qodar Muntaha
  2. Danny Saputra
  3. Katie Butler
  4. Ginanjar Tartowihardjo
  5. Nicky Kusuma E
  6. Lianita Farah Rosalina
  7. Ana Handayana
  8. Hanna Tresya
  9. Maria Leodora
  10. Fakhri Yudha

You can check here for the full list.

Are any of you or your friend joining this year’s Bromo Marathon? Or maybe some of you are actually the runners representing Sahabat Anak? Let us know in comment below, and see you in Bromo Marathon! 🙂

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About Sahabat Anak

Sahabat Anak is a non-profit organisation that provides quality education and children’s rights advocacy in an effort to encourage and inspire Jakarta’s street children to escape urban poverty. The movement began in 1997 after a group of university students made a commitment to make a difference in the lives of Indonesia's street children. As a volunteer-based organisation, Sahabat Anak aims to involve as many members of the community as possible to help improve the lives of street children.

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