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Perut kenyang, hati senang” (When stomach is full, so is heart). We often hear the expression, and sometimes experience it ourselves. For instance, when we were in the office and it was lunch time, our stomachs growled because it was hungry. And then, by 3 p.m. we started to look for snacks. If we, as adults, are very careful of what we eat, what about our children?

The theme raised on the 7th day of Sahabat Anak’s Day Campaign Road Show was “Gizi Untuk Prestasi” (Nutrition for Achievement). The road show on that day was held in Gambir, and the team socialized the information about healthy food. The slogan was 4B: Bergizi, Berimbang, Beragam and Bersih (Nutritious, Balanced, Various, and Hygienic). The slogan was recited with moves and songs to help the children get interested and remember easily.

The game played in the road show was a giant Ular Tangga (Snakes and Ladders), with a giant dice. The children were divided into groups and each group had their own representative as a pawn. They were challenged with questions and then they had to sing the 4B song, did squat-jumps together, named protein sources, gave examples of healthy snacks and so on. Through the game, the kids became more enthusiastic and it was easier for them to absorb the information. There were 60 kids from Gambir and Pejambon participated in this event.

In the parental session, the event was equally hype. We realize that a mother’s role in a family is essential because they control the family’s meal and instruct the children to avoid unhealthy food. Food is served not only for pleasure, but we also need to consider the balance and sufficiency of its nutrition, such as carbohydrate, protein, fat, vitamin, and fiber. However, the menu should also have enough variety of food to prevent boredom.

Ibu Suratinah, one of the participating parents in Gambir, told her story. In their home, because the parents were often off to work hurriedly; they chose to give the children money to buy snacks or food from warung (small store). She was happy because during the session they were reminded that preparing and cooking their own meal was also quick and inexpensive. Also, even though they give money to their children to buy food, as parents they need to educate the children to buy healthy snacks.

At the end of the event, all the participants and volunteers were given packed of healthy meal: cooked rice, tofu nugget, cooked vegetable, and a banana.

We would like to thank PT. Kalbe Nutritionals (Fitbar) for the support. Thanks to Miranti and friends for the lunchboxes and drinks for the children. Also, we would like to thank all the sponsors and donors, and chaperone volunteers who were always in their full spirit to conduct the event.

This week, the children are in their preparation for Ujian Nasional (National Examination). Let’s pray for them so they can give their best, continue to the next level, and reach their dreams. Let’s continue to support the fulfillment of their rights to nutritious and healthy food; for a better generation; for a better Indonesia!

About Sahabat Anak

Sahabat Anak is a non-profit organisation that provides quality education and children’s rights advocacy in an effort to encourage and inspire Jakarta’s street children to escape urban poverty. The movement began in 1997 after a group of university students made a commitment to make a difference in the lives of Indonesia's street children. As a volunteer-based organisation, Sahabat Anak aims to involve as many members of the community as possible to help improve the lives of street children.

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