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2018 National Nutrition Day

“Kue Pais is considered healthy snack because it is clean-the banana leaves are cleaned first before use, because it contains carbohydrate from flour, vitamin from banana and fat from coconut oil”, said a woman who sells Kue Pais (banana snack) in the event she joined, the campaign for “Nutrition for Achievement”, on Sahabat Anak Day 2016 in Bogor. The woman can simply describe the nutrient content of her snack after she got the knowledge on healthy food’s 4B (Bergizi (Nutritious), Berimbang (Balanced), Beragam (Diverse), and Bersih (Clean) from Sahabat Anak’s volunteer.


The problem of children’s nutrition fulfillment in marginalized family is often connected to the community’s knowledge and awareness limit on the important of nutrition. In fact, in several studies result presented by Banerjee & Duflo (2011) in Poor Economics, they found that the biggest problem lies not in the rarity of food but on the food selection. Families in low socio-economic level tend to choose food only from their good taste, not from the nutrients contained in them. In addition to that, most choose to spend money they have not for food but for other interests such as cigarettes, alcohol, or electronics goods that they feel more important to raise their self-esteem.

The condition suggests that proper formation of lifestyles and daily decision making in marginalized families, including the selection of nutritious foods, becomes an important aspect for continual intervention. Therefore, to commemorate the 2018 National Nutrition Day, Sahabat Anak would like remind Indonesian families on healthy food’s 4B (Nutritious, Balanced, Diverse and Clean). With healthy food’s 4B, Indonesian children will grow healthy so they can reach optimal achievement for the progress of our nation and country, Indonesia.  Happy National Nutrition Day!

“My family always teaches me 4B

Nutritious, varied, balanced and also clean

Come on friends, let’s apply 4B life

So our body is clean and healthy always, Hey!”

-4B song lyrics excerpt-

 (Hanna Tresya – Sahabat Anak Committee)



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