2012: Share Your Dreams

A child is defined under the Indonesian Law, UU No. 23 2002 Chapter 1, as a citizen of Indonesia under the age of 18 and it also includes a child in the mother’s womb. A child is a gift and blessing from God who needs to be protected, valued by their parents, country and nation and who will be the future leaders of this nation.

To value a child, as mentioned above, unfortunately has not translated well into the reality of daily life in Indonesia. There are still many children who experience domestic abuse, forced labour and who are sentenced to adult prisons. Even a child’s basic rights such as the right to nutritious food, protection, education and health care are often neglected, including a child’s right to participate and have an opinion.

Eastern cultures often put a child’s opinion at the lowest priority when making a decision, resulting in a child’s voice often being neglected. If their opinions differ from their parents they are considered disobedient. A student asking a lot of questions or being critical towards a teacher is considered disrespectful. “Be quiet!” or “What do you know?” are often used to shut up children. All of this is preventing children from having the right to have, and express, their opinion.

Share Your Dreams!

In accordance with this issue Sahabat Anak is raising awareness through the 2012 campaign “A Child’s Right to Participate and Have an Opinion” which is one of the 10 Children’s Rights as stated under the 1989 UN Convention on The Rights of the Child. Sahabat Anak Day (Hari Sahabat Anak – HSA) is celebrated each year on the 17th of February and Sahabat Anak uses this day to begin their yearly campaign.

Share Your Dreams! HSA 2012 will have a roadshow that will take this campaign to the children living in several of Jakarta’s marginalised areas, where Sahabat Anak is already working, and to Sahabat Anak’s partner organisations. The aim is to target 1,000 children from 25 different areas.

The Roadshow Methods

1. 1st Session: My Story (Story telling)

  • We will share an inspiring story about a child through interactive mediums such as pictures, puppet fingers and multimedia. Afterwards we will help the children to tell their own inspiring stories, hopefully leaving a deep impression.
  • One winner will be picked from each group for the best story telling. The winner will be the person who receives the most votes in their group.
  • Each winner of each group will then share their own stories in front of all the participants. Based on the overall votes the ultimate winner of My Story will be chosen.

2. 2nd Session: My Short Film (Video Clip Competition)

  • Each group will be given 1 (one) video recording device (mobile phone or digital camera) and receive a short tutorial on how to use it. Then each group will be asked to record a shot video for 3 minutes about their ideal Teacher.
  • Each group member will have their own role, such as: writer, casting director, actors, cameraman, director, etc.
  • After the time is up, each group will do a presentation about their short film and one winner will be chosen based on who has the most votes.

3. Audio Streaming of the activities through the Internet, so that the 2012 Sahabat Anak Day campaign can be heard and reached by the public.

4. Fun games and activities in between sessions.

5. Light meal (snacks) and healthy beverages.

Follow-up After Roadshow (Post Roadshow):

  • Recommendations given to the teachers and coordinators of the Sahabat Anak Tutorial Area about the children’s hopes and wishes for their ideal teachers. This will come straight from the children’s own thoughts.
  • A compilation of the stories from My Story will be documented and displayed on our social media networks or published in books (by Sahabat Anak or other interested publishers).
  • A compilation of the clips from My Short Film will be published on our social media networks, so this campaign of “A Child’s Right To Participate and Have an Opinion” can be both a local and global campaign.
  • Interesting pictures and stories will be used for the 2013 Sahabat Anak Desk and Wall Calendars.
  • The general aim of the activities, My Story and My Short Film, is to involve 1,000 children from 25 different areas in Jakarta to participate in their communities by using tools that they may have at hand (i.e. mobile phones) and provide them with an outlet, through social media, to give their recommendations or opinions to the Government, media, public figures, educational institutions and other organisations.

Join us!
Contact Sahabat Anak’s Secretariat (021) 391 8505
Facebook page: Sahabat Anak
Twitter: @sahabatanak

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