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Children’s Rights in Petition

Sahabat Anak's advocacy program for Children's rights

Sahabat Anak’s advocacy program for Children’s rights

Friends, have you ever been involved in petition signing, or seen some petition campaigns in your social media page? If you are quite active in social media world you may have heard about The subjects of its campaigns are of many varieties, from environment and wildlife, justice, politics and democracy, also media and internet.

At the end of last year, with House of Infographics put an interesting infographic on petition in Indonesia for the year 2014. What is interesting for Sahabat Anak, of course, is that children’s rights is at no. 4 of most popular petition category in 2014 with acquired signatures of 115,759. One of the petitions is the concern on children’s exposure to adult content song in a television show. Seeing that community’s concern can be channeled and receiving real response gives hope in what SA wants to achieve in relation to its commitment as children’s advocacy agency.

To see this infographic from and HOI, please refer to below link.


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