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The Complexity of Prumpung

Prumpung is an area in Jakarta which has complex problems. It is a very dense and crowded area with a rather unique society. The residents usually work as sculptors at Merak Port, buskers near the traffic lights, laundry service or by selling fried snacks on the street. Read the rest of this entry


Hundreds of Thousands of Children Live On The Street! What Is Your Choice?

Dian giving a speech at the recent opening of Sahabat Anak's new secretariat and Children's Activity Centre - Rumah Sahabat.

In life, we cannot escape choices. From the moment we wake up in the morning we are faced with many options: Which clothes should I wear? What to eat this morning? Which road should I take?  There are times when I doubt that I am choosing the right thing. There are even times when I regret the choices  I have made. But one thing I do believe is right and I do not regret  is the choice to be a volunteer at Sahabat Anak. Read the rest of this entry

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