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2018 National Nutrition Day

“Kue Pais is considered healthy snack because it is clean-the banana leaves are cleaned first before use, because it contains carbohydrate from flour, vitamin from banana and fat from coconut oil”, said a woman who sells Kue Pais (banana snack) in the event she joined, the campaign for “Nutrition for Achievement”, on Sahabat Anak Day 2016 in Bogor. The woman can simply describe the nutrient content of her snack after she got the knowledge on healthy food’s 4B (Bergizi (Nutritious), Berimbang (Balanced), Beragam (Diverse), and Bersih (Clean) from Sahabat Anak’s volunteer.


The problem of children’s nutrition fulfillment in marginalized family is often connected to the community’s knowledge and awareness limit on the important of nutrition. In fact, in several studies result presented by Banerjee & Duflo (2011) in Poor Economics, they found that the biggest problem lies not in the rarity of food but on the food selection. Families in low socio-economic level tend to choose food only from their good taste, not from the nutrients contained in them. In addition to that, most choose to spend money they have not for food but for other interests such as cigarettes, alcohol, or electronics goods that they feel more important to raise their self-esteem.

The condition suggests that proper formation of lifestyles and daily decision making in marginalized families, including the selection of nutritious foods, becomes an important aspect for continual intervention. Therefore, to commemorate the 2018 National Nutrition Day, Sahabat Anak would like remind Indonesian families on healthy food’s 4B (Nutritious, Balanced, Diverse and Clean). With healthy food’s 4B, Indonesian children will grow healthy so they can reach optimal achievement for the progress of our nation and country, Indonesia.  Happy National Nutrition Day!

“My family always teaches me 4B

Nutritious, varied, balanced and also clean

Come on friends, let’s apply 4B life

So our body is clean and healthy always, Hey!”

-4B song lyrics excerpt-

 (Hanna Tresya – Sahabat Anak Committee)



Being Literate to Elevate

How do we really measure the well-being of a human? If we’re talking about the quality standard of a human life, then we will refer to the Human Development Index (HDI) standards reported each year by United Nation Development Programme (UNDP).

HDI is measured using 3 elements; first is health, which can be seen from a healthy lifestyle, longevity, and infant mortality rates. Second is education, a combination of elementary, primary and high school education with literacy skills. Third is economy, including income value and purchasing power.

A child should not be focusing on work for a living

We are left behind

The latest report from 2010, shows that Indonesia’s HDI is ranked number 108 from 169 countries. Within ASEAN countries, Indonesia is number 6 out of 10. We are behind Singapore, Brunei, Thailand, Philippines, and even Malaysia, which was behind Indonesia previously. Read the rest of this entry

The Complexity of Prumpung

Prumpung is an area in Jakarta which has complex problems. It is a very dense and crowded area with a rather unique society. The residents usually work as sculptors at Merak Port, buskers near the traffic lights, laundry service or by selling fried snacks on the street. Read the rest of this entry

15 Children Received Their Birth Certificates!

The 10th of April 2012 was a memorable day for 15 children from Prumpung who finally received their birth certificates.

After going through a long bureaucratic process, with the help of the Sahabat Anak officer and Rohanita from Prumpung, the children can now enjoy their rights to have an identity recognized by the Indonesian Government. Read the rest of this entry

Decorating Prumpung’s Reading House

Hurray! A double story house has recently been rented by SA Prumpung and has been converted into a Reading House for the children. All of the books owned by SA Prumpung, a majority of which were donated by our loving friends, have been moved to the second story of the new house. Despite the limited size of the house, it is still big enough to meet the children’s reading needs. Read the rest of this entry

Mereka Bersuara Mari Dengarkan!

Kampanye Hari Sahabat Anak 2012 – Suarakan Impianmu – sudah dimulai sejak 17 Februari 2012 kemarin. Roadshow HSA 2012 sejauh ini sudah mengunjungi delapan area di Jakarta dan sekitarnya, serta sudah mendengarkan suara dan impian dari sekitar 300 anak marjinal.

Tujuan utama dari kampanye ini adalah sebagai wadah untuk anak marjinal dan anak jalanan bersuara dan menyatakan pendapat mereka. Metode pertama yang dilakukan adalah si anak menuliskan cerita pengalaman pribadi mereka. Read the rest of this entry

Sharing Dreams, Hopes and Wishes!

The 2012 Sahabat Anak Day Campaign – Share Your Dreams – has been running since February 17th, 2012. The Roadshow has been taken to eight different areas around Jakarta and has been listening to the voices and dreams of 300 marginalised children.

The main aim of the campaign is to provide a platform for marginalised and street children to have a voice. Their first task is to write a story about their dreams, wishes or hopes. Read the rest of this entry

Klinik Sahabat Anak: Langkah Kecil Mendukung Hak Kesehatan bagi Anak Indonesia

Klinik Sahabat Anak merupakan salah satu program Sahabat Anak terbaru yang mulai dijalankan pada 2011. Klinik ini akan mengunjungi tujuh daerah binaan SA dan beberapa mitra sesuai yang membutuhkan layanan kesehatan. Read the rest of this entry

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