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When I grow up, I want to be…

The Launching of Share Your Dreams!

As children we all have dreams. As one child from Sahabat Anak Kota Tua said “My dream is to become a doctor!”

Some children wish to be a doctor when they grow up, others wish to have a fast car, while others wish to have a big family. And even though our dreams may be unrealistic at times, like dreams to become Superman, dreaming is what gives us hope and the ability to imagine the future. All children have dreams, however, some children are never given the opportunity to voice their dreams. In Jakarta, street children face this reality every day. Their dreams to become a doctor is quickly squashed as they realise their parents cannot afford to send them to school, that they must work to help support their families and that even if they did have the money they do not have the right documents to enter school. Sahabat Anak has been working hard since 1997 to help give street children the opportunity to realise their dreams. Read the rest of this entry

Guru Funky, Lucu, Suka Nyanyi

Launching HSA 2012 “Suarakan Impianmu!”:

Saripah pernah dikata-katain sama temen-temen, Saripah berharap temen-temen tidak mengatai Saripah lagi. Karena Saripah (jadi) malu punya badan tinggi seperti ini. Tapi Saripah tetep semangat meskipun dikatain dan tidak marah sama temen-temen. Read the rest of this entry

Sahabat Anak Day 2012 – “SHARE YOUR DREAMS!”

A child is defined under the Indonesian Law, UU No. 23 2002 Chapter 1, as a citizen of Indonesia under the age of 18 and it also includes a child in the mother’s womb. A child is a gift and blessing from God who needs to be protected, valued by their parents, country and nation and who will also be the future leaders of this nation. Read the rest of this entry

Drive Books Not Cars – Mega Book Sale

Drive Books Not Cars awesome book sale!!!

For the past two months Starbucks and a number of other locations around Jakarta have had Drive Books Not Cars ‘drop boxes’ set up, so that Jakartarians, young and old alike, could donate their pre-loved books. Just last Saturday a number of dedicated volunteers and staff from the Jakarta Globe cruised around Jakarta, trying their hardest to avoid that infamous “macet“, collecting all the donated books. With a total of 7,000 books the volunteers got together to prepare for Sunday’s book sale.

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Saturday at Starbucks

Thank you Starbucks and Jakarta Globe!

On Satuday 28 January 2012, the Children from Sahabat Anak Gambir woke up early and headed down to Starbucks at Wisma BNI. Starbucks and Jakarta Globe joined forces to provide a fun-filled and educational morning for the children from Sahabat Anak Gambir.

The children arrived right on time and were greeted by Kak Corry, from Starbucks. As they entered the Starbucks they all grabbed a comfy chair and were eagerly awaiting their iced chocolates!

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