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Saturday at Starbucks

Thank you Starbucks and Jakarta Globe!

On Satuday 28 January 2012, the Children from Sahabat Anak Gambir woke up early and headed down to Starbucks at Wisma BNI. Starbucks and Jakarta Globe joined forces to provide a fun-filled and educational morning for the children from Sahabat Anak Gambir.

The children arrived right on time and were greeted by Kak Corry, from Starbucks. As they entered the Starbucks they all grabbed a comfy chair and were eagerly awaiting their iced chocolates!

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A Visit From Our Friends in Singapore

In December 2011, 15 Singaporeans from the Youth Expedition Project Team came to visit Sahabat Anak and help renovate Sahabat Anak Mangga Dua’s Tutorial House. After two weeks of hard work the results were spectacular! Mangga Dua now has newly painted murals, a new multimedia room and new fans!

Thank you Mohd Farhan and team!

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Let us introduce you to Ibu Eliyah

Each day there is so much going on at Sahabat Anak. With the upcoming Drive Books Not Cars fundraiser, charity events and regular tutorial classes around Jakarta it is hard to keep up to date with all that is happening.

But we wanted to take this opportunity to share with you some of the real life stories from the families and children that Sahabat Anak is working with daily.

Let us introduce you to Ibu Eliyah: Read the rest of this entry

Drive Books Not Cars

As I sat down recently to my Friday night ritual of a large sausage pizza – you know, the kind with extra cheese in the crust – and a pirated Twilight DVD, my overflowing  bookshelf caught my eye and unsettled me. This was partly because I feared it could fall and crush me and partly because I can’t remember the last time I cracked a book open. Read the rest of this entry

Akta Lahir, Langkah Awal Menggapai Impian

Adik-adik Manggarai menerima Akta Kelahiran

Perjalanan panjang Komunitas Sahabat Anak terjun dalam pendampingan anak-anak marjinal dan jalanan di Jakarta bertujuan membuat mereka bisa keluar dari kehidupan jalanan. Sejauh ini, jalur pendidikan menjadi proses utama yang ditempuh. Kami percaya, lewat program bimbingan belajar yang disinergikan dengan pendidikan formal, langkah ini menjadi tindakan yang paling realistis. Read the rest of this entry

A Birth Certificate – The Key to a Better Future for Children in Indonesia

Some of the children at Sahabat Anak Manggarai have been successful in obtaining birth certificates!

Throughout Sahabat Anak’s long journey advocating for the rights of marginalized street children in Jakarta we have focused primarily on removing them from street life. So far, education has been the main focus of the organization. We believe that the tuition program combined with formal education is the most realistic way to assist the children. Read the rest of this entry

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